Här nedan ser ni en karta som visar var vi befinner oss. Om positionen på kartan inte stämmer så beror det på att uppkopplingen till satelliten ligger lite efter.


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    beispielsweise ein Mehrfamilienhaus, mit mehren Eigentümern ist unterteilt in Sondereigentum und Gemeinschaftseigentum. Das Gemeinschaftseigentum umfasst hierbei alle Bereiche des Gebäudes und des angrenzenden


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    Hi Lori!My favorite quote from the Chronicle article is: “Clowns all over America don’t understand why Koons believes he was the first artist to turn the balloon dog into art.” Orange does seem to the winner. Now I just have to wait until April when they’re back in stock … perfect timing for spring! Thanks for stopping by!-Chandra


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    I’m glad our kids like the handmade. Daughter here pulled out some warm, yellow leggings tonight that I made for her at Xmas time. Told me she’s on the “yellow” team for Sports Day at school on Sunday and could i make these into shorts or…..capris? Had to laugh. Yep. Our kids are lucky. And I think their friends know it also. A friend of daughters showed up one day with a pair of favorite old PJ bottoms that were falling a part, wanting me to repair them for her! Her Mom knew nothing!


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